Find the Way, Know the Truth,

Find the Way, Know the Truth,

Taste the Life.

Taste the Life

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Welcome to CrossWay Florida Church

CrossWay is a modern expression of the New Testament community of faith, hope and love… wildly diverse, yet united by relationship to Jesus Christ. We are Christ followers from different walks of life at different places on our spiritual journey with one thing in common: an honest pursuit of the God who calls us. Come join us at Crossway Florida Church in Deltona.


We believe the entire Bible is the inspired Word of God and that men were moved by the Holy Spirit to write the very words of Scripture. Therefore, we believe the Bible is without error and is the final authority of faith and practice.

Get Connected

Being part of a church is more than coming to listen to the preacher. It’s about real relationships where we can encourage and be encouraged. We believe small groups are the best way for people to feel connected within their church. B


Our Senior Pastor is Jesus Christ . We mean it when we say it really is all about him. He is our King, and it is from him and through him and to him and for him that we exist.